reduce weight, bring performace

We believe that the original triple clamps are not good enough. We wanted lighter, nicer triple clamps with the highest quality. That’s why we developed the GB1-F48 for the Fox 40. The low weight and the optimized rigidity of the GB1-F48 impressed all rider who contributed to the development.

Special aluminium

It has a much higher strength than that of the original fork bridges to make the GB1-F48 stable and light. This brings your bike a lighter front and for you more agility and fun. The special aluminium comesfrom the aerospace industry, now Industrie T performance parts are made from it. The GB1-F48 are not cast, but milled from blocks. They have optimal stiffness to improve handlingonce again.

leight weight

optimal stiffness

very stable

more agility

367g (-27%)

optimal handling



48mm offset

The GB1-F48 give your Fox 40 an offset of 48mm. This achieves a good mix of agility and straight-line stability.

Titanium screws

Why titantium screws? Because only the best is good enough. They are light, stable, high-qualityand corrosion-resistant. Their design fits perfectly with the GB1-F48. They are available in blackand titanium colours.


The design impresses immediately and makes the high stability possible with low weight. Anodizedin five colors. The font is lasered. The screws are made of titanium. Manufactured in Germany at MIT Made in Thüringen GmbH

Only the best for our parts.

No compromises.

Industrie T


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